2400 ton NEW Injection Machines & New Project


Greetings! 2 sets new 2000 Ton & 2400 Ton plastic injection machines arrive in our factory! These machines are ready for 58inch,65inch TV shell parts or large-scale car parts and other large-scale plastic injection parts.Which can improe our product capacity and enable us to provide our customers much more efficient works and excellent products.


A new Air purifier wind project for Amazon being finished resently.Mold test 1 was very successful, plastic injection Samples have been test by our in-hose 3D CMM equipment and proved that surface treatment and all sizes were exactly match with customer's requirement, and have sent for approval.


Two new indian customers visit our factory on 14th Aug,talked about baby rides plastic parts project. At the begining They just thought we only making molds, but they were suprised at our 40set 200ton to 800ton and 11set 1300ton injcetion machines with robot hands after walking arond our workshop, and they leave us 9 set samples for mold & injection quotation.


Three automotive front bumper plastic part injection moulds are on progress, and these mold size up to 1200x550x150mm,1200x550x180mm,which will need large injection machine to finish injection parts and our new launch 1800T & 2000T injection machines are ready for it!
Because the delivery time is urgent, so our engineer just recommend not using copper electrode but graphite electrode instead during EDM progress. Which can save much more cost and production time for our customer!
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