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Recent 3 Months Projects | HOLDSUN

Amazon projects complete successfully!

Below pictures shown were molds & products we finished in recent 3 months. Including Amazon air-purifier products,pipe fitting parts,Bucket,UPS,TV Shell Cover,TV Bottom and Car parts,etc.
  For Amazon air-purifier product, there were total 19pcs parts need mold making and injection parts, the biggest plastic part size is 450mm*410mm*105mm. And these 2pcs larger left & right cover were adopt YODO hot runner with 3 point inject gate, which can shape product rapidly and short circle time.

    And the 3 Auto Bump Parts, were prototype molds(rapid mold). Because the first lot quantity was small and delivery time was urgent, our engineer decide to make prototype mold after checking and discussing. And these 3 molds are direct cut on moldbase mold (cavity direct cut on A-plate,core direct cut on B-plate), one of the molds size up to 1200mm x 550mm x 180mm.
     We also made over 30 items,including transparent PP plastic storage containers,trays,bucket,hanger,etc.The largest product size is up to 1260mm x  520mm x 375mm.And the customer comes from Spain.It is one of the biggest factory that specialize in manufacturing trays and containers.We have cooperated with each other for many years,and we are not only long-term cooperation but good friendship. 


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