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Industrial Manufacturing,Engineering Solutions Management


Turn-key design service. Strong and skillful engineer team with 6 experiences mechanical engineers,3 electrical engineers, and 1 industrial designer. We might bring your theory of design to the concept of product and to the true. The structure design is the key to conclude the function of product. 

Mold Design

Over 15 years of technical experience at injection mould design and mould manufacturing process along with the design instruction,Our professional & experienced engineers are responsible for customizing products and tight tolerance complex mold design tasks.Drawing will be submitted within 3-5 working days for approval.

Rapid Prototypes

Short-run, quick-turn Custom Plastic Prototypes within 2 weeks. We can assisst our customers in new project/ product development through our fast turnaround on fully functional plastic prototypes and save time and money at the same time.


Plastic injection mold, Die Casting,Overmolding,Stamping parts, Blow Mould, Forming parts, all in house.Mold detailed drawings for each components will be issued & provided to customer pre-mold shipment.

Post Processing

Plated, over molding, aluminum alloy oxidation,Frosted, brushed, polishing,Painted, deactivation, laser engrave, UV painted,

Quality Control

Comply with ISO9001 standards and requirements.Have advanced inspection equipments and a professional QA/QC team,and set procedures for each step of process.

Assembly & Shipment

Manufacturing, assemble consumer products and electrical products in house, inspect, package, and ship your final product.

Feedback Service

We're ready to provide the services before and after manufacturing. on-line service, You will receive the fastest consultation for Questions about your order; shot/ manufacturing / product information and others.

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