die-casting-parts-bannerAs a custom die casting supplier, we understand that the success of your project requires a partner with the technology and expertise to provide innovative, high quality results.

At Holdsun we construct and supply the die inserts for large production tools, as well as complete aluminum and zinc die cast dies. Our engineers optimize the latest in CAD/CAM software to develop aluminum and zinc die casting dies from both 2D and 3D part designs. From design to final product is a disciplined integrated manufacturing process resulting in a high quality finished product.

Aluminium Die Casting Parts Moldflow AnalysisRegardless of die casting quantity, alloy or finish we can lower your unit costs on quality die cast parts.We specialize in building aluminum dies for the automotive drive train components and transmissions, valve body plates, pump housings, power steering housings and many other complex parts. We can also build dies and molds that require high finishes for parts that receive plating for decorative finishes.

With over 10 years of experience, we can meet your most challenging requirements, whether it’s an existing die casting design or a conversion from another die casting production process. Our technicians and engineers take great pride in their work and strive to exceed your expectations. Using advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, we construct high quality products. We use only the best die steel materials, heat treatment, and surface treatments available today, because we want you to return with future tooling projects.High Precision Die casting Parts, Zinc Aluminium Die Cast Mould Solutions

We are more than a die casting supplier. we offers a full array of custom, quality services.We can construct tooling in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple parts to the most complex and challenging geometry. With our comprehensive tool and die making capabilities, we can provide single and multi-cavity dies, as well as complete interchangeable cavities for standardization and repeatability in large multiple die programs. We can handle large die builds and repairs with our large bay and overhead crane capabilities.

We offer a complete die casting process solution that includes turnkey cast, machined, finished, coated, and assembled die castings that are optimized for your application. We use die cast industry standard tooling wherever possible from suppliers such as DME, PCS, and Progressive Components, so your dies last longer and perishable components can be easily replaced with standard on the shelf catalog items. This can help reduce overall die maintenance costs compared to inferior die builders that don't use standardized components.

We provide assistance in precision die casting design and use high-end technology to make sure your high volume, custom die casting project, whether your alloy is aluminum, magnesium or zinc, is given the best possible price matched by the best possible quality.  As a leading die casting supplier, we strive towards solutions that work on every aspect of production.

Take a tour of Holdsun. Learn how we're creating the world's most intricate aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloy die casting components by pushing the boundaries of the die casting design and production process.  Have design questions?  contact us today for a comprehensive technical resource for component designers, product engineers, purchasing, and quality engineers.

LED Buld Die Casting Parts Moldflow

LED Buld Die Casting Parts Moldflow

1 、Product range: Aluminum/Zinc/Magnesium alloy die casting products and CNC Machining,
Auto parts,Auto Gear Box,Furniture Parts,Communication part,Medical Parts,LED lamp fittings,LED Lamp Al and Zine Die Casting Parts,Die Cast Dies Mould SolutionsHousing Die-Casting Parts,Home Appliances, electric, etc.
2 、Product Material: A380/A390/A360/ADC10/ADC12/AlSi9Cu4/ENAC-43400/ENAC-44300/ENAC-44400/ENAC-46000/ENAC-46100/ENAC-46200/ENAC-46500/ENAC-47100.
3 、Surface finished: Polishing, sand blasting, painting, powder coating, anodizing,
electroplating,Chrome plating,mirror polishing,shot blast,heat treatment.

Advantage of Die-casting

Complex production shapes

Compare to many other bulk production processing, die-casting process could strictly control precision even during manufacturing product with more complicated shapes, which no need further milling and would be direct use, or just need few processing before used and it suitable for bulk produce.

Dimension precision stability

Die casting parts with very high precision, normally 6-7 level, and some can up to 4 level. Its intensity is 25-30% higher than sand casting; dimension of parts is stable and keep compact tolerance in the meanwhile , interchangeability and resistance is good, more sturdy and durable.

Intensity & weight

Compare to plastic injection molding, die casting mold could make more thinness-wall and complex parts, for example, the thinness Zinc alloy die casting parts could be 0.3mm, Aluminum alloy die casting parts could be 0.5mm, and the smallest hole diameter could be 0.7mm and the smallest thread pitch is only 0.75mm. when with the same dimensions, thin-wall die casting parts will with stronger intensity and lighter weight.

Various of post-processing

Die casting could make with polishing or texture surface, they could be electroplated easily or with minimum post-processing. And it also would make internal construction directly, such as wire-loop, heater element and high tension parts.

Simplify assemble

Die casting mold design could provide a whole set fixture parts. Such as sleeve and screw, holes can match with screw size or make out screw thread. privileged site of die casting parts also could be insert others necessary parts, for example iron block, copper sleeve, insulant etc to meet up with special requirements. Which to save assemble processing and simplify procedure as well.