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HOLDSUN Industrial Design

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Industrial Product Design & Manufacturing Solution Experts

How does our product concept get made and being reality finally?

Holdsun Industrial Design Team


1. Share Your Tested Genius Idea
Whether sharing your ideas or a scientific market study with investors or business partners and confirm it is unique and truly genius, it’s time to start thinking about how to share it with the world.

2. Choose Holdsun Turnkey Service
Holdsun could be your professional turnkey service company to take your idea and put it in polished sketches and 3D computer drawings. A professional drawing of your idea is a powerful tool in getting everyone excited.

Our Engineering Capabilities:
We have strong engineering team to support product research & development: 6 experiences mechanical engineers, 3 of them over 20 years experiences; 3 electrical engineers, 2 of them with over 20 years experiences; 2 industrial designer with over 6 years experiences.With this experienced team, we work hard to research & develop products for customers and design our new products.

Engineering Department
Not only we can help to finish your industrial design sketches and 3D drawings, but also can get it made by prototype, tooling and manufacturing in house.

3. Rapid Protorypes
Even more powerful of your product idea is an actual physical PROTOTYPE, something that everyone can hold in their hands to see and check. We provide Short-run, quick-turn Custom Plastic Prototypes within 2 weeks.
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4. Present & Make it Saleable
Now that you have an impressive drawing, a prototype of your product idea, it’s time to share it with the world. You can start getting ready for the next steps by finding a business partner or presenting to your customers and make it saleable.

5. Get it Made
The market / world is excited about your ideas production to hit the store shelves… it’s time to get it MADE. Holdsun, a professional engineering company are here to help and complete this step.

6. Tooling and Manufacturing
After engineering, your product will go through TOOLING and manufacturing of parts. Some parts can be sourced to be purchased, And If your product requires unique parts, a new mold will need to be made and parts must be TOOLED.
We build plastic injection tooling, stamping die, die casting, blow molding, hydro forming die in house. Forming plastic parts and metal parts in house, metal parts and plastic parts surface treatment in house,quality control in house,assembly consumer products and electrical products in house.
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8. Shipment
After satisfactory inspection, your product is shipped and distributed for sale now!


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