Mould Design


HOLDSUN design department is a team with export mold rich practical experience , there are unique and excellent experience for the development and design of the die. Good design is the heart of the mold , so we pay special attention to the mold structure, water system and moving mechanism principle of rationality, in order to ensure the least mold production cycle to complete the highest quality mold quality. Each mold and part design is a design and manufacturing experience.


It is control by a consummate process:

1 - project engineer review drawings , design by product engineer.
2 - product structure review and mold design - mold structure design conference. (attended by design manager +mold designers)
3 - die designer according to the structure of the 2Dproduct ranking and 3D parting, draw the 3D assembly drawing.
4 - design review meeting. (by design manager and designer + Project Engineer +CNC enginner+ room supervisor)
5 - Improve the design of assembly drawing, 2D parts drawings, and transmitted to the client to be confirmed
6 - Fix the comments from customer until design approve.


HOLDSUN mold adopts the system of the international advanced CAD / CAM / CAE mold design. Our engineer and mold production drawings is according to use the following software to finish, the software system including:

*  Autodesk Moldflow Synergy(Mold flow analysis/deform simulation)
*  Pro / ENGINEER( 3D Modeling)
*  Unigraphics NX(3D and  modeling design and CNC Programming)
*  Powermill(CNC Programming)
*  AutoCAD( 2D Modeling)
*  MasterCAM ( CNC Programming )

Mostly the format of the drawing 2D in DWG or DXF, 3D in IGS, STP, X_T etc are able to communication each other.

Auto Fan Mould Design

Auto Fan Mould Design