Plastic Injection Molding
HOLDSUN Company has 40 sets of precision injection molding machine (80 to 320 tons) and (800 to 1300 tons) of large injection molding machine. And with the product automatic mechanical hand, injection molding production according to ISO9001:2000 quality system, to improve the product quality, reduce production cost, manpower and material resources. To give customers the most satisfied with the products supply.

     HOLDSUN Injection molding machine is also used to mold test mold, more detailed to each mold testing out products, the commissioning results more accurate (trial reports with PIC + full parameter+dim reports). All export products must be the normal production of 4 hours. In the board for export, the mold must be open and closed8 hours before packing, export.

holdsun plastic injection molding


     Our plastic factory has many kinds of plastic material production of injection molding experience, we know very well that every material conditions and injection method.

Plastic materials include the following:

◆PVC-soft ◆PSO◆PA11/PA12 ◆PA6◆PA66