Quality Control

Quality Control: Croma Coordinate Measuring Machines|SVM Vision Measuring Machines|Rockwell hardness tester-(HR-150A)

HOLDSUN quality control according to ISO9001 quality system guidelines, combined with the practice to sum up a set of quality management and control system that fits to us. Quality control management in each link is strict, try our best to avoid mistakes, stop the fault extends to the next process.

Its scope:
◆   From the design analysis and the test of plastic products
◆   The feasibility of mold design
◆   From material procurement to material quality inspection
◆   From the selection and arrangement of processing technology, quality inspection
◆   From the mold assembly and installation to study mode, etc.

For each process, in accordance with the quality management system standard, give the most powerful and accurate data table. Each link, should ensure that no loophole, then we can ensure timely delivery of qualified mold.

The main quality control program:
1. Mold design control
2. Mold steel hardness testing
3. Mold electrode test
4. Steel mould core and cavity inspection
5. The mold assembly inspection
6. Test report of mold and sample inspection
7. Final inspection before shipment parts mould
8. Export mold packaging inspection

Coordinate Measuring Machining Quality Control Video