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We provide a complete solutions for our customers. Our capabilities mainly include:

Porject Management

Managing your project effectively,  Engaging early delivery and unbeatable price

Engineering Support

Bring your theory of design to the concept of product and to the true. 

  • Products research and development
  • Part analysis
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Manufacturing of design (DFM)
  • Mold design
  • CNC programming
  • Material selection
  • Test


Prototypes Making

Short-run, quick-turn, high quanlity samples can be submitted within 7 days.

  • Plastic prototype
  • Metal prototype
  • Brass prototype
  • Aluminum prototype
  • SLA, SLS process
  • CNC machining process
  • Painting&printing process
  • Polishing process
  • Small quantity production
  • Ohter secondly process



Utilize advanced technologies and equipments (hydro forming machine, blow molding machine, stamping machine, injection machine and many others equipments), we provide custom tight tolerance complex mold and final products for our customers,and all processing are producing in house.

  • Plastic Injection Mold
  • Die Casting Mould
  • Overmold and Overmolding
  • Metal Stamping Die Mould
  • Blow Mould
  • Hydro Forming Mold
  • Vacuum Mould
  • Fast Mold 
  • Prototype Mold 
  • Rubber Mold
  • Silicon Mold


Production Capabilities

  • Mold making
  • Tight-tolerance molding
  • Die casting die
  • Metal stamping die
  • Quality control
  • Post processing
  • Part Integration
  • Parts assembly
  • Test for quality assurance

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