Plastic Ribbon Splitter and Cutter Tool (single) Crafts Gifts Decoration Arts Wholesaler (彩带分条器,彩带雨花夹,彩带分割器,彩带生花器,彩带配件,彩带分割工具,彩带加工)

Supply Christmas Ribbon Splitting Tool Ribbon Shredders

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Product Features:

  • em No. : RS-2
  • Colour: Red / Blue / Grey / Customized Yours
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 100(L) x 25(W) x 33(H)mm,
  • Easy for all ages and left or right handed users
  • Shredding tool with plastic curler on top, Split ribbon into smaller pieces
  • Make your ribbon swirl & bounce; Give a spectacular effect to gift wrapping
  • Total 5 colors available. Pink, yellow, orange, green, brown and will be sent by randomly, kindly please noted.
  • Effects when applying on PP ribbon, Good for plain ribbon, printing ribbon but not suitable for metallic and Iridescent lamination ribbons (Pleae search for our new Green style one for lamination ribbons)


Plastic Ribbon Splitter and Cutter Tool (single) Crafts Gifts Decoration Arts Wholesaler

New Ribbon Splitter for Curling Poly Ribbons (Tools for gift-wrapping)
1.   Material: ABS 
2.   Size: 100mm * 25mm * 33mm
3.  Color: Pink, purple
4.   Packing: 12pcs per inner, 18 inner per outer
5.   Inner size: 23cm * 11.5cm * 8cm, outer size: 48cm *37cm * 27cm

*   Totally NEW design by us, and has applied for PATENTS Certificate (Appearance & Structure Patents,and the patent NO.     are:201420234409.5 and 201430122870.7)
*   Made from sturdy blade and strong plastic
*   Gives a spectacular effect to gift-wraps
*   Split ribbon in smaller parts (one way for medium splitting,and another for small splitting).
*   Ribbon can be spaced 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 4.0cm, 5.0cm apart

How to use Gift Wrapping  Curling Ribbon Splitting Tool Ribbon Cutter/Ribbon Splitter/Ribbon Shredder:

Curling and shredding in ONE EASY PULL!
1.  Insert ribbon with curler in your right hand(Bolis name facing up).
2.  Tilt the Bolis name away from you.
3.  The slowly pull!The ribbon is curled and shred automatically!
      (Medium shredding is best for metallic ribbon)

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Structure Patent Certificate
Structure Patent Certificate
Appearance Patent Certificate
Appearance Patent Certificate

Manufacture & Wholesale Gift Wrapping Ribbon Tool Plastic Ribbon Splitter,Ribbon Shredder,Ribbon Cutter,Tools for gift-wrapping,plastic ribbon accessories,Ribbon Slit,Slit Ribbon(彩带分条器,彩带雨花夹,彩带分割器,彩带生花器,彩带配件,彩带分割工具,彩带加工)

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