Q:What are the Holdsun main mold products?

A:Our molds mainly use for LCD TV plastic shell, household appliances, electronic parts, medical facilities, auto parts, office
supplies, high glossy product,etc.

Q: How about the produce capacity?

A: We can make 50tons to 1300tons injection plastic mold and 80tons to 380tons casting die mold.

Q: How many sets mold you can produce per month?

A: We can produce 30sets of 1ton cavity mold.

Q: Can Holdsun provid one-stop service including injection, assembly, packing etc?

A: Confirmed we can. We have 40sets 50tons to 1300tons injection machine. And with the product automatic mechanical hand, and production according to ISO9001:2000 quality system, to improve the product quality, reduce production cost. We also have assembly, packaging department that can finish the whole production procedure according to different products. Even your special requirement, we will try out best to finish it.

Q: How about the lead time for normal molds?

A: 35 days to 45 days for 1 ton medium-sized molds.

Q: Are the products covered by a warranty?

A: If there is anything wrong with our products, we will do everything possible to cooperate with the mold facotory that you choose, and all modification cost will at our company expense. All of our mold products can be used not less than 500,000 times.

Q: What sofeware are you use and what format drawings you will accept?

A: All mold design will use Autodesk Moldflow Synergy to analyze and decide gate way, and then use AUTOCAD to draw 2D layout, once 2D layout is approved, then Pro / ENGINEER and Unigraphics NX will be used to mold design and building, and use MasterCAM and Powermill to CNC Programming. We can accept following format: UG, Pro-E, Solidworks, CATIA and if the layout is the original drawings will be better.

Q: where the mold samples be made, will samples and trial report available?

A: All mold samples will be made in our factory before shipping, All export products must be the normal production of 4 hours. we will send samples that chose at random and trial reports will be to customers by couirer. Once samples are approved, we will arrange shipment or injection mass production that in charge by our factory.

Q: Who will be the contact person during mold making period?

A: Once you place order, our mold project engineer will in charge of it. After contract signed, he/she will review and contact you if there is any modification for the design or product. After mold design finished by engineer, project engineer will contact and provid 2D and 3D mold design layout for your approval.
During the mold making period, project engineer will send mold progress report and pictures to you every week. That means, project engineer will be the main contact person duriing produce procedure.

Q: Can we visti your factory?

A: You are always welcome to visit our factory. And we are willing to arrange pick you up if necessary.

Q: How many employee of your factory?

A: Total 205 persons. Management dept. 15, engineer dept. 10, mold making dept. 62, skilled workers 25, quanlity control dept. 8, administration dept. 10, injection workers 80.

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